Datasheet | August 11, 2011

FLIR SC6000 MWIR Series - High Speed, Science-Grade Infrared Camera Datasheet

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

The versatile FLIR SC6000 Series offers high speed and high resolution with ease and flexibility in configuration for just about any scientific or research application.

Interface Flexibility – Multiple simultaneous analog and digital outputs including S-video, composite (BNC) NTSC and PAL, SVGA, and industry-standard digital Camera Link and Gigabit Ethernet.

Optimized Imaging – Four active preset operating modes provide adjustable integration times, embedded non-uniformity correction, and bad pixel replacement.

Triggering Control – Advanced triggering options through external BNC input, IRIG time, or a software trigger; clock out single images, multiple images, or multiple images from multiple presets.

Fast Frame Rates – Features fast frame rates with a high speed 50 megapixel clock that streams 14-bit digital data up to 126 Hz at full resolution.

Windowing Flexibility – Supports FPA windowing for faster frame rates.

Frame Optimization – Output frame rate adjustable from 0.0015 Hz to the maximum frame rate at a given window size and integration time with 0.1 Hz resolution.

Frame Time-Stamping – IRIG-B timing built directly into camera for on-board deterministic time-stamping of each frame and advanced triggering options.

ExaminIR Software – Compatible with FLIR ExaminIR software for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting; optional SDK.

On-Camera Cal – On-camera Radiance and Thermographic Calibration.

Filter Wheel – Exclusive SC6700 4-position motorized filter wheel that permits effortless filter exchange in any environment.

FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science