FLIR Packaged Sensors


FLIR offers InSb-detector dewar cooler assemblies (DDCAs) and the SWIR ISC1202 as packaged sensor products.

InSb-based detector dewar cooler assemblies (DDCAs) are available in linear cryogenic cooler configurations to qualified customers who accept the risks and support that are inherent with integrating a subassembly. DDCAs are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and over a wide operating temperature range.

FLIR’s ISC1202 SWIR packaged sensor and broadened spectral range Vis-SWIR Packaged Sensor offer OEM customers a high performance InGaAs/VisGaAs sensor for integration into their specific platform. This VGA format sensor is designed for a variety of applications, including hyperspectral instrumentation, silicon inspection, electro-optical payloads, art restoration, counterfeit detection, and portable systems.

Click here for more information on the DDCA products. Download the available datasheet for more information on the ISC1202 packaged sensor.

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