FLIR Compact Thermal Smart Sensor Camera: A50/A70

Source: Teledyne FLIR

The compact A50 and A70 from FLIR are thermal, smart sensor cameras, ideal for users who want built-in, on-camera analytics. These cameras also feature alarm capabilities, perfect for condition monitoring as well as applications for early fire detection.

The A50 and A70 can quickly access thermal characteristics to catch potential failures, including detecting fires before smoke or flames are apparent. Safety improvement capabilities also pair with trouble-free integration and rugged, compact installation to easily meet demands of multiple application environments. 

Additional Features Include: 

  • Simultaneous VMS video and alarm integration via ONVIF S compatibility (optional)
  • Simple configuration via standard web browser
  • Heavy-duty M8/12 connectors that ensure operation in dynamic settings
  • An IP66 rating to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Ideal for users who want built in, on-camera analytics 
  • Alarm capabilities for condition monitoring and early fire detection

For even more product information, download the available datasheet.