Fiber-Q Fiber Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulator

Source: G&H

The Fiber-Q® series fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators offer a high extinction ratio, low insertion loss, and excellent stability in both polarization-maintaining (PM) and non-PM formats.

Ruggedized and reliable operation

Built for reliability, the Fiber-Q® series of products features a rugged hermetic design in a compact, low-profile package, ideal for ease of integration into all-fiber and OEM systems, including medical laser systems.

Controlling timing, intensity, and temporal shape

A fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator (FCAOM) can directly control the temporal characteristics of the active output from a fiber laser, offering a wider variety of pulse shapes. As a byproduct of the acousto-optic effect, light passing through the 1st order diffraction mode of a fiber-coupled modulator also experiences a frequency shift and beam deflection. This allows our Fiber-Q® products to be used for more than just modulation, resulting in applications outside the laser such as optical heterodyne interferometry.

Our visible range of Fiber-Q® products also enables more compact all-fiber instrument designs in biomedical applications such as microscopy and flow cytometry.