News | June 5, 2015

Fiber Cable Lengths Up To 500 Meters

Source: FiberTech Optica

June 3rd, 2015- Fibertech Optica (FTO) has expanded its line of Process Fiber Cables to include lengths of up to 500 meters.  Designed for ease of installation and long term reliability in demanding environments, these cables allow for single or multichannel coupling to reflectance, immersion, transmission and ATR probes, UV/VIS, Raman and FT-NIR spectrometers and to flow cells. These cables are engineered for use in harsh environments, including areas with high and low temperature, moisture, corrosive chemicals, shock, vibration and pressure.

Process Fiber Cables are available with standard or custom fiber optic connectors for applications in remote spectroscopy, online process control, real time monitoring and material characterization. Visit us at or contact us here for more information.