Fast Piezo Objective Mover (f-POM)

Source: Applied Scientific Instrumentation

ASI’s f-POM is a piezo objective mover ideal for use with custom microscopes. It provides high-speed/large load and long-travel operation (150 µm, µ300 m, and 500 µm available) and measures in at 102mm x 60mm x 20mm.

This piezo objective mover uses a closed-loop 3dB bandwidth control with a 600 gm load of 30Hz, and closed-loop 3dB bandwidth with a 280 gm load of 75 Hz for moves over 70% of the travel range. Three models are available with varying travel ranges, and maximum loads. Each objective mover has an 11-15 ms transient response time for moves below the 30% travel range and an external analog input of 0 to 10 volts. For more information, download the datasheet.