News | August 1, 2013

Fast Motorized Fiber-Positioner For Automated Alignment Applications In Data-Communication, Photonics Offered By PI

Source: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
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The F-131 aligner combines up to 25x25x25 mm motorized range with ultra-precise and fast piezo-NanoPositioning technology (100µm, 1 nanometer resolution). This unique combination excels through its ultra-low inertia, fast scanning speed, small dimensions and closed-loop piezoelectric flexure guided stages and is of great value in alignment processes in datacom and telecom applications.

Auburn, MA (PRWEB) - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P, a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, semiconductor and nanotechnology applications, offers the F-131 compact, low-inertia, XYZ nano-precision alignment engine.

F-131 can be used in any orientation and provides an especially versatile, compact and modular approach to building high-throughput nano-alignment processes. By combining compact motorized stages of superb performance with the industry's most popular fast XYZ nanopositioning stage, both efficient first-light capture and fast nanoscale coupling optimization can be achieved in a cost-effective package of minimum size. F-131's nanometer positioning resolution supports even the smallest emerging silicon photonics feature dimensions.

Motorized Fiber Positioners: Specifications, White Papers, Datasheets

One of the advantages of the hybrid coarse/fine design is that during the alignment process only the small mass of the PZT scanner has to be moved, allowing for much more rapid response and higher scanning rates, better precision and shorter alignment times compared to conventional solutions that are limited by the lower dynamics of bulky stages.

In addition, the high speed piezo scanner can map the complete optical output cross section of a device in a matter of seconds, important when dealing with less than perfect optical power distribution.

F-131 is available with a variety of specialized alignment and tracking algorithms (CyberAligner and the patented CyberTrack) that take full advantage of its 2-stage design, and a wealth of drivers and software examples which support fast profiling and real-time coupling optimization for research and industrial implementations.

PI also offers a fully automated 6-DOF alignment system based on a hexapod structure for applications where angular alignments are required.


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