FAST-IR Infrared Camera Series

Source: TELOPS

FAST-IR Infrared Camera Series

The FAST-IR 2K infrared cameras are a series of fast rate cameras designed for thermal analysis of dynamic events. In order to analyze dynamic events, the infrared cameras allow high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution at a rapid frame rate.

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The FAST-IR infrared cameras can be used for a variety of imaging applications including combustion analysis and any other dynamic event. Key benefits from using the FAST-IR cameras include sensitivity for targets that are difficult to detect, self-adjustment to fast temperature changes, and availability of real-time calibrated images.

Features Include:

  • Raw, NUC or Radiometric Temperature Data Output Mode
  • Complete Control with SDK
  • Fast Filter Wheel
  • 32 GB of Internal Memory

For more specifications and details on the FAST-IR Infrared Camera Series download the datasheet.

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