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Farsoon Announces Development Of Quad-Laser Flight Technology On Large-Format Laser-Sintering Platform

  • The latest development of Quad-laser Flight Technology on the HT1001P large-format Platform is targeted for next-level industrial-scale, high-quality plastic powderbed fusion production.
  • The Flight HT1001P Quad-Laser system is currently under intensive beta testing at the Farsoon R&D facility in Changsha, China.
  • Designed under the CAMS (Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution) concept, the Flight Technology HT1001P Platform is capable of continuous production capability; combined with its expanded build volume of 1000 × 500 × 450mm, the system is designed to offer enhanced manufacturing speed and ultimate yield.
  • Farsoon will showcase the real-world large-format application part built by Flight Quad-laser technology, at Hall 7, Booth H19 during TCT Asia between Nov 3rd – Sep 5th in Shenzhen, China.

Farsoon is one of the pioneering machine manufacturers to implement robust fiber-lasers on industrial Laser Powderbed fusion systems. Following the introduction of the high-speed Flight Technology (Flight short for “Fiber Light”) application on Farsoon’s 403P Series and high-temperature 252P Series, Farsoon has focused the on development of multi-laser Flight Technology on large-format platforms maximizing production yield and lowering manufacturing cost per part.

During the Rapid Tech 3D trade fair (May 2022) in Erfurt, Germany, Farsoon Europe GmbH presented the addition of Flight HT1001P-2 Dual-laser system to the Farsoon plastic laser powderbed fusion machine portfolio. Farsoon is now excited to announce the latest development of Quad-laser Flight Technology on the large-format, HT1001P CAMS (Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution) platform. HT1001P-2 systems have been used successfully in Europe and United States since the beginning of 2019 with continuous production capability and improved levels of operational automation.

Featuring a large build cartridge measuring 1000 × 500 × 450mm and powerful dual or future quad 300-watt fiber lasers, the Flight HT1001P Platform features rapid scanning speeds of up to 20m/s (66ft/s) for each laser; boasting industry-leading productivity for large-sized parts.

The new quad-laser development of Flight Technology on the HT1001P platform can offer a higher, up to 275%, production volume rate compared to a single laser configuration of the Flight 403P 1 Platform, and 5.6 times production yield compared to a single CO2 laser machine 2. Thanks to the exchangeable build cartridge and integrated conveyor system of the CAMS Concept, the application of Quad-laser Flight Technology on the HT1001P system can boosts machine uptime with an improved level of automation; capable of achieving 2 full 225L builds in one single day.

In addition, the Flight HT1001P platform is capable of achieving chamber temperatures up to 220℃ to process high-temp materials such as PA6 for end-use parts. With a patented multi-zone heater & intelligent temperature control system, the Flight HT1001P platform can achieve uniform thermal distribution throughout the platform, ensuring consistent mechanical properties and surface quality.

Like all Farsoon machines, the Flight HT1001P system will also feature a truly open platform that enables the user to have full access to a wide range of key parameters. These open systems allow for fine-tuning process parameters with a large variety of third-party materials that best suits the needs of specific application and end-use part properties.

With continuous technology innovations in multi-laser, large-format additive manufacturing systems, Farsoon strives to offer industrial customers high-volume 3D printing solutions with a significant competitive edge on the market. Farsoon will be present at TCT Asia 2022 in Shenzhen World, China from November 3rd to 5th at Hall 7, Booth H19. Customers interested in application for Flight HT1001P Quad-laser Beta Program are welcome to visit our booth or contact for more details!

1. Compared to Farsoon Flight Technology HT/SS403P Single Fiber Laser (1 × 500W) System
2. Compared to Farsoon HT/SS403P Single CO2 Laser (1 × 100W) System

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