Extended Wavelength InGaAs Linear Photodiode Arrays: LC Series


The extended wavelength LC-series linear InGaAs photodiode arrays from Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace are designed for broad wavelength range, multi-channel spectrometer designs. The proprietary readout integrated circuit design contains functions that reduce dark current for applications that demand the highest performance. The LC package provides a “no moving part” solution for vibration resistant, highly calibrated instruments that require long term stability. Ideal applications include industrial process control and inspection in agricultural sorting, biomedical analysis and thermal imaging.

The LC series InGaAs linear arrays are available with 256 elements of extended response InGaAs material. Anti-blooming protection prevents charge flow from saturated pixels, allowing for increased intra-scenic dynamic range. The autozero function reduces dark current and non-uniformity, extending the detector’s utility to higher temperatures and longer exposure times.

The photodetector arrays are hybridized with CMOS readout integrated circuits (ROIC) of SUI’s exclusive design to offer maximum noise immunity and sensitivity. Operating circuit designs need only provide for one analog supply and three digital control lines for optimum ROIC performance. Four separate gains are selectable with a serial input. The array is available with a two-stage thermoelectric cooler for temperature stabilization and monitoring. SUI LCSeries photodiode arrays are rugged, reliable, and available in volume.

For more information on the LC series of linear photodiode arrays, download the available datasheet.

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