Newsletter | May 18, 2023

05.18.23 -- Exploring The Capabilities Of Infrared Detectors And LEDs

Practical Considerations For Near-IR LEDs

This application note offers tips on powering current-driven LED devices and key details about IR LEDs, including temperature, peak wavelengths, forward voltage levels, and power outputs.

Understanding Detectors With Thermoelectric Coolers

Proper heat management is crucial for optimal detector performance. The right heat sink and thermal interface material can help lower thermal resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Detectors

This document addresses the commonly asked questions about infrared detectors, covering topics like linearity, spectral response, operating temperature, and more.

High-Power LEDs For Military, Aerospace, And Defense Applications

Opto Diode Corporation provides an assortment of infrared light-emitting diodes (IRLEDs) and ultra-high-power near-infrared LED illuminators suitable for military, aerospace, and defense applications.

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Photodiodes: UV Enhanced Detectors (UVG)

The UVG detectors have a stable responsivity even in extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure to UV light. They are versatile and can be used for various applications.

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