News | October 25, 2013

Expansion Of The 06-01 Series To Include Ultra Compact 532nm & 561nm


Cobolt AB announces the release of the Cobolt DPL lasers, ultra-compact SLM DPSS lasers at 532nm and 561nm, on the 06-01 Series platform. The 06-01 Series offers a standardized compact form factor and a wide wavelength span in a plug and play format, utilizing the most ideal laser technology to achieve the wavelength whilst maintaining the form factor.

The Cobolt DPL lasers inherently have the outstanding performance that is associated with DPSS technology, such as SLM, perfect beam quality and excellent wavelength precision (± 0.3 nm) and now complements the wavelength offering in the 06-01 Series format to include green and yellow wavelengths. The compact format and the fully integrated control electronics of all lasers on the Cobolt 06-01 Series, make them the most flexible choice of laser for system integration. Manufactured using Cobolt’s unique HTCure Technology ensures world-class quality reliability and lifetime, as well as unmatched robustness.

The Cobolt DPL 532nm is available with output powers of 25mW, 50mW & 100mW, while the Cobolt DPL 561nm is available with output powers of 25mW & 50mW. The high wavelength stability and the narrow bandwidth (<1 MHz) make these lasers perfect for integration into Raman Spectroscopy equipment as well as other analytical or metrology instrumentation where size and bench-top performance of the system is crucial. USB communication simplifies integration making the Cobolt DPL lasers true plug and play.

SOURCE: Cobolt