News | February 26, 2013

Excelitas Technologies Introduces New UV LED High Performance Light Module With Launch of CurX™

Source: Excelitas Technologies

WALTHAM, Mass., February 26, 2013 – Excelitas Technologies, a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized optoelectronics to OEMs seeking high-performance technology solutions, today announced the launch of CurX, the Company’s first UV LED solution for the printing and curing industry. Delivering superior performance and operating stability, CurX is well suited for demanding applications such as digital ink printing, screen printing, flexo printing, offset printing, and the curing of coatings, adhesives, glues, and varnishes.

The CurX UV-LED module is a linear, scalable, high-end UV LED curing “flood” module available in 365 nm, 385 nm and 395 nm ranges of UV output. The CurX UV-LED module, which incorporates LED technology from Nichia, delivers up to 50% higher irradiance than other products on the market, and features an ultra compact design for easy integration. It also features a sophisticated water cooling system that provides a consistent operating temperature for maximum performance. CurX is comprised of a ceramic substrate with multiple UV LED dies, a driver, and controller for fast switching and easy dimming. The CurX UV-LED module is fully customizable to meet specific needs of customers and requires no mechanical switches.

“In keeping with our commitment to continuously innovate, I am delighted that the CurX UV-LED module now provides the printing and curing industry with a high-performance, energy-efficient, longer life solution,” said Joel Falcone, senior vice president and general manager, Excelitas Technologies. “Excelitas constantly strives to develop innovative technologies that allow our customers to be more productive and cost efficient. The CurX UV- LED module helps to do just that by increasing printing and curing throughput.”