Evaluation Module for NIR Spectrometers: DLP® NIRscan™

Source: Texas Instruments

The DLP NIRscan evaluation module includes the DLP45000NIR DMD chipset, a single-element extended InGaAs detector, driver electronics, a transmittance sampling module with a halogen lamp, 3 disposable cuvettes, and an embedded Linux operating system and web server based on BeagleBone Black architecture.

This EVM has been designed to provide its users with the ability to start developing their own DLP-based NIR spectrometer. DLP technology brings lab-level performance to factory and field-based spectrometers used in food, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.


  • 1350nm to  2450nm wavelength range
  • >30,000:1 signal to noise ratio (typical)
  • No GUI download required – simply connect with through a web browser
  • Simple and Custom Scan modes acquire spectrum in less than 1 second
  • USB, Ethernet, and I2C interfaces
  • Save and download spectrum scan data
  • Compatible with reflective or fiber-based sampling modules