EMCCD Camera for Scientific Imaging and Spectroscopy

Source: Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instrument’s ProEM-HS is an EMCCD camera that provides enhanced QE and fringe suppression when compared to standard back-illuminated sensors. Its 20 MHz speed and >60 fps EM mode makes it an ideal imaging solution for the capture of low light and fast kinetics, while a slow scan CCD mode with a very low readout noise lends itself well to precision photometry applications.

The camera’s all-metal, hermetic vacuum design provides a lifetime vacuum guarantee as well as deep cooling. It offers >1000 fps with reduced ROI size and >10,000 fps in spectroscopy mode. The ProEM-HS’s flexible lens mounts make it easy to attach to microscopes, standard lenses, telescopes, and more.

In addition to the aforementioned applications, the ProEM-HS EMCCD camera is well-suited for single molecule detection, chemiluminescence, astronomy, adaptive optics, hyperspectral imaging, phosphor imaging, and tomography. For more information on the camera’s unique features and specifications, download the datasheet.