Datasheet | May 28, 2009

Flyer: EMCCD Camera Family: Luca

Source: Andor Technology PLC
Andor's LucaEM EMCCD Cameras are the latest TE-cooled Electron Multiplying CCD innovation, a highly cost-effective yet powerful camera making EMCCD available to every laboratory. The LucaEM EMCCD Camera represents a new performance standard in 'workhorse' cameras. Operate 'gain off' for conventional CCD operation under brighter conditions - turn on the EM gain when the photons become scarce! LucaEM R EMCCD Camera The LucaEM R EMCCD Camera is designed with resolution and flexibility in mind. Ultra-sensitive EMCCD performance, megapixel sensor, small 8x8 µm pixels, QE up to 65% and fast frame rates, render this the ideal 'workhorse' camera for live cell microscopy, applicable across all light intensities. Additional elevated red response offers higher sensitivity to long wavelength emitting dyes such as CY7.