EMCCD Camera: Falcon III

Source: Raptor Photonics Limited
EMCCD Camera: Falcon III

The new Falcon III from Raptor Photonics incorporates a new EMCCD back-illuminated sensor offering 1MP resolution with 10µm square pixels. It images with a peak QE of >95% offering unsurpassed sensitivity with less than 1 electron readout noise. It offers the combination of ultimate sensitivity and speed through a single output amplifier thereby maximizing uniformity. It is three times faster than previous generation EMCCDs running at 31Hz in full resolution, with superior linearity and low gain performance. Ideal applications include adaptive optics, astronomy, calcium signaling, fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy, genome sequencing, live cell imaging, and X-ray tomography.

The Falcon III sensor features a readout noise lower than 1 e-, and a high EM gain of x5000 in order to view single photon events. The camera can be cooled to -70°C by using Raptor's long life ruggedized PentaVacTM vacuum technology for the lowest possible background events.

For additional features, benefits, and product specifications, download the available datasheet.