Application Note

Eliminating The Trade-Off Between Resolution And Throughput In Raman Spectroscopy

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.

Raman spectroscopy is gaining intense interest as an analytical tool due to the strong specificity of the Raman signature of many materials. However, the Raman signal is often very weak and traditional slit spectrometers typically have poor optical throughput — mostly due to the slit itself. In this application note, we introduce the Apex spectrometer, the first product in the Elite Series of high-performance spectrometers, light sources and sampling accessories. Apex is a modular, small-footprint spectrometer that rivals benchtop instruments with maximum resolution and exceptional sensitivity for superior performance. With a sophisticated design incorporating high end technology to overcome the trade-off between optical throughput and spectral resolution, the Apex is an ideal solution for Raman spectroscopy.