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Launch Date: August 2016

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Optimizing Defense Technology To Handle The Most Severe Conditions
Many of the delicate electronics used in military and defense applications are created, assembled, and packaged in cleanrooms, having seen nary a speck of dust before leaving the production environment. However, products slated for military and defense use must also be built to a tougher standard, resistant to heat and cold extremes, vibration, impact, or immersion in water.

Portable 3D X-Ray Diagnostic Imaging: Improving Patient Outcomes In Battlefield Emergency Settings
A portable diagnostic tool with localization and quantification capabilities could eliminate trips to medical facilities and improve patient survival outcomes in emergency settings.

Advanced Computational Tools For Rotorcraft Electromagnetics
Simulation can efficiently solve the environmental electromagnetic challenges presented by rotorcraft, including antenna coupling, interference, and radar visibility.

Passive Remote Identification Of Gases And Liquids With Hyperspectral Imaging
Hyperspectral imagers can serve on the battlefield as mobile or stationary early warning systems for chemical warfare agents.

Pathfinding's Evolving Role In Military And Defense Technology
A pathfinding methodology can open up design options that otherwise may not have been considered due to time and manpower restraints.

Selecting A Low-Voltage Multiplexer For Signal Processing Satellite Telemetry
Military communications can be a matter of life and death, making proper component choices for military satellites crucial.

The First International Standard For Tactical Fiber Optic Cables
The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) aims to ensure consistent quality and clear language among manufacturers, suppliers, and installers.

New Optoelectronic Technologies Of Photonic Crystals And Metamaterials
Newly developed optical technologies hold the promise of important advances in defense device technologies, including antennas, sensors, lasers, and the control of emission of radiation.

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