Webinar | August 10, 2021

Webinar: Designing And Manufacturing Hi-Res SWIR Lens Systems For Harsh Environments

Source: G&H

SWIR imaging systems are deployed for defense and security applications, often in the harshest of environments. Using SWIR provides vision through haze, mist, rain, fog and in challenging atmospheric conditions. In this webinar G&H explores how those environments dictate the need for ruggedized engineering solutions.

• Provide an overview of SWIR applications
• Consider optical design for SWIR, including motorized lenses
• Discuss optomechanical design engineering for harsh environments
• Indicate the importance of using appropriate manufacturing environments and test processes

• Troy Palmer – Director of Engineering
• John Savastinuk – Senior Optical Designer
• Sam Wyman – Business Development Manager
• JJ Conboy – Lead Sales Manager
• Brian Mitchell/Steve Vogel – Systems Engineers

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