White Paper

White Paper: Design And Characterization Of Uniform Spectral Radiance Source For Test And Calibration Of Radiometers Used For KOPMSAT-3

Source: Labsphere, Inc.

An application-specific uniform calibration source is described. The biggest challenge in developing the system is to achieve 25% higher spectral radiance values than the Earth's spectral radiance, with the lowest wavelength being the hardest to meet. This pre-flight test equipment will be used for characterization and calibration of imaging radiometers which will be used as satellite-borne remote sensors for KOPMSAT-3. The integrating sphere-based system will be used as a spectral radiance standard.

Included are the end user's requirements in regards to spectral radiance levels, radiance stability, radiance uniformity and spectral radiance monitoring. Detailed design challenges, approach and modeling information is discussed. Calibration data and performance results along with uncertainty analysis are presented.