Design and Development of Advanced Optical Applications

Source: Precision Optics Corporation

Precision Optics Corporation, or POC, was formed over 30 years ago with the purpose of designing, developing, and realizing advanced optical applications and for volume production of specialized medical optical systems.

POC specializes in the design and production of components and integrated systems for:

  • Endoscopes
  • Endocouplers
  • Fiber optic adapters
  • Illumination systems
  • UV, visible, and IR laser processing
  • Optical microscopy
  • Biomedical sensing
  • Single-molecule microscopy
  • Fluorescence devices
  • OCT systems
  • Distal camera endoscopes

POC also specializes in custom thin film coatings for semiconductor, remote sensing, Raman spectroscopy, and fluorescence. For more information on their design, prototyping, optical fabrication, and precision assembly capabilities, download the datasheet.