News | October 26, 2012

DELTA Establishes North American Office To Support Their Expanding Customer Base For Linear Variable Filters And Other Advanced Optical Filters And Components Used In Biomedical Instrumentation

DELTA Light & Optics,, has opened an office in North America to support their expanding customer base for linear variable filters and advanced optical filters and components.

DELTA’s Light & Optics is a leading supplier of advanced, high performance linear variable filters commonly used in a variety of biomedical imaging applications including fluorescence microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry, monochromators and micro-plate readers among others. DELTA also provides; single, multiband, laserline and broadband band pass filters; long pass filters; short pass filters; notch filters; dichroic and polarizing beam splitters along with other custom coated optical components.

David Klein, DELTA’s Director of North American Operations commented “the biomedical instrumentation field is a highly dynamic and growing market in North America. DELTA is uniquely positioned with industry leading optical filter technologies and excellent global support that enable our OEM and research customers to enhance their instrument performance and differentiate themselves from their competition. We look forward to expanding the use of our optical filters in the US and Canada directly or through key business partnerships.”

DELTA’s optical products are also used in wavelength selectors, biomedical laser systems, point of care (PoC) instruments, imaging transfer systems, color separation systems and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Established in 1941, DELTA is a leading global supplier of advanced optical thin film filters. Through optimized design and process control technologies, DELTA has enabled customers to offer the highest performing analytical and diagnostic instruments. DELTA offers a wide range of high efficiency durable hard coated filters that have set the standard for high performance and precise operation. With its unique design tools and decades of experience, DELTA is able to provide highly competitive standard filters and customized filters and optical components to exacting customer specific applications.