DeepView® OCT Series Spectrometer Engines

Source: BaySpec Inc.
DeepView® OCT Series Spectrometer Engines

The DeepView OCT series comprises both Shortwave-Infrared (SWIR) and Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometer engines that utilize optical coherence tomography (OCT), white light interferometry (WLI), or infrared spectroscopy. 

The DeepView® spectral engine is designed with a high-speed digital line scan camera and a robust Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) spectrograph. The spectrograph covers the shortwave-infrared wavelength range (1280-1340nm with a center wavelength of 1310nm), or the near-infrared wavelength range (790-900nm with a center of 840nm). Other features include an all-solid state, ultra-fast response time, no moving parts, and a low cost. Typical applications for the DeepView® series spectral engines include cancer detection, retinal diagnostics, guidance on implants and surgery, and industrial applications such as non-destructive testing.

For more features, and specifications regarding the DeepView® OCT series, download the available datasheets.