News | July 9, 2008

Deep Photonics Introduces A QCW 266 nm Mode Locked Fiber Laser

CORVALLIS, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Photonics, Inc., an innovative technology company manufacturing deep ultraviolet fiber laser solutions for the semiconductor, electronics and photovoltaic marketplace, today announced the introduction of the FLP-266-QCW, a Quasi Continuous Wave 266 nm Mode Locked fiber laser.

Designed for OEM integration, the FLP-266-QCW is a deep ultraviolet fiber laser, combining high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability, and reliability needed for demanding industrial applications. The FLP-266-QCW platform combines benchmark optical performance with design innovations to deliver consistent performance at a low operating cost.

"With the introduction of the FLP-266-QCW platform, we continue to extend the operational window for solid-state deep ultraviolet lasers. This latest product introduction is a direct result of continuing development of our patented optical material that enables deep UV fiber lasers to deliver break-through performance, including narrow line width, pulse to pulse stability and high average power to semiconductor equipment manufacturers," said Joe LaChapelle, CEO of Deep Photonics. "As planned, our technology roadmap continues to deliver industry-leading power levels at deep UV wavelengths."

The output characteristics of the FLP-266-QCW make it an ideal fit for precision applications in wafer inspection, reticle inspection, automated optical inspection (AOI) and laser direct imaging (LDI).

"The FLP-266-QCW fills a need for a high-power 266 nm laser for a wide range of semiconductor and electronic manufacturing applications," commented James Field, Vice President of Marketing for Deep Photonics. "The combination of deep UV wavelength, high average power, long lifetime and low cost of ownership makes the FLP-266-QCW ideal for semiconductor and electronics inspection applications. Our innovative design extends the inspection sensitivity roadmap for our semiconductor customers for increased power to several watts and lower wavelength to 213 nm."

The new Deep UV Mode Locked Fiber Laser features a pulse width of 10 picoseconds, a pulse frequency of 100 MHz and a spectral linewidth of 400 picometers allowing the laser to be used with today's most advanced TDI sensor technology. To meet the needs of those manufactures using discrete sensors or photo-multiplier tubes, an option is available to increase the pulse frequency to 200 MHz without affecting system performance.

About Deep Photonics

Headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon, Deep Photonics Corporation was founded in 2004 to develop leading-edge, high-power, deep UV fiber lasers. The Corvallis facility supports world-class laser and crystal manufacturing functions including optical materials R&D, laser R&D, custom laser design and volume manufacturing activities. The company is dedicated to become the market leader in high-power, deep ultraviolet fiber lasers that address the existing need for sub 300 nanometer lasers in the semiconductor manufacturing, micromachining, medical and telecommunications industries. The company is currently commercializing patented and proprietary materials and fiber laser technology for the production of novel solid-state lasers at 266nm.

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