Datasheet | November 19, 2009

Datasheet: Deep Depletion CCD Camera: iKon-M 934 BR-DD - Ideal For NIR Imaging

Source: Andor Technology PLC

The deep depletion CCD camera, iKon-M DU934N-BR-DD, is designed to offer ultimate performance for NIR applications, delivering > 90% QE beyond 800nm. Andor's ‘BRD' cameras are the only Deep Depletion systems that incorporate Fringe Suppression Technology™ to minimize fringing effects. The 1024 x 1024 array boasts high resolution 13µm pixels, and benefits from negligible darkcurrent with thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C, critical to optimize the sensitivity of Deep Depletion sensors. Industry-fastest vertical (parallel) shifts ideal for temporal resolution in Fast Kinetics readout mode. The iKon-M platform offers both multi-Megahertz readout and USB 2.0 connectivity.

Deep Depletion CCD Camera: Features & benefits

Min operating temp of -100°C with TE cooling
Unparalleled TE cooling performance for negligible dark current, without the aggravation or safety concerns associated with LN2.

Fringe Suppression Technology™
Minimizes fringing (etaloning) effects

Peak QE of >90%, optimized for NIR
Very High detector sensitivity in near infra-red.

Multi-Megahertz pixel readout
High frame rates achievable.