Deep Cooled Vacuum CCD: Eagle 47-10


Using a back-illuminated CCD (1056 × 1027 pixels with 13μm × 13μm pixel pitch), the Eagle 47-10 Deep Cooled Vacuum CCD is air-cooled to -80°C to minimize dark current for longer exposures. Using low noise electronics, it offers 2.3e- readout noise.

Key Features Include:

  • 7 year vacuum guarantee
  • Protection and integrity of the sensor
  • Extremely low dark current -90°C with 10°C coolant / -80°C air cooled with 25°C ambient
  • Back illuminated 1MP sensor from e2v
  • Enables large field of view imaging
  • C-Mount Integrated shutter
  • Closed during readout to avoid vertical smear
  • High QE: &GT90% @ 525nm and 50% @ 380nm & 720nm Optimum photon collection

To learn more about this product, download the available datasheet.

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