Custom Microscopes and Optical Systems: OpenStand®

Source: Prior Scientific Inc.

The OpenStand® Custom Microscope and Optical System by Prior Scientific can be optimized in many applications within life sciences, materials, and semiconductors. This cost-efficient system is compatible with a large range of optics, devices, and light sources.

Whether developing new automation techniques and software or developing new imaging methods, you can quickly find that you need a microscope system tailored to your application and business needs. With OpenStand, you get a working system to start developing your application immediately, and adaptations can be made flexibly during your development phase.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Cost-efficient – reduce your cost by only purchasing the components you need
  • Flexible – compatible with a large range of optics, devices, and light sources
  • Expandable – add components as your needs grow 
  • Fast and easy software integration – innovative hardware command set
  • Future-proof – software developed on OpenStand is portable
  • Speed to market – complete system in one purchase with a short lead-time
  • Easy automation – vast portfolio of motorized and automated components

For more information on this product, download the available brochure.