Cooled SuperGamutTM NIR Spectrometer

Source: BaySpec Inc.

SuperGamutTM near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers are capable of wavelength detection ranges covering 900-1700 nm, with extended cut-offs at 1950 nm, 2050 nm, 2250 nm, or 2550 nm. The improved wavelength coverage and an ultra-low noise operation provide up to six times higher signal/noise improvement over traditional Czerny-Turner reflective grating based designs. The InGaAs detector arrays can be selected with single or two-stage TEC cooling, deep cooled -55°C, or water cooled down to -90°C for excellent low light sensitivity in a variety of applications.

This SuperGamutTM spectral system includes the Spec 20/20 software and a full Software Development Kit (SDK) with dll to support new application development efforts. Accessories such as regular fiber bundles and probes, specialized high temperature probes, and broadband light sources are available for selection for turn-key sampling. Typical field applications include food safety, pharmaceutical, astronomy, agriculture, biomedical research, light source characterization, and other industrial uses.

For more key features, specifications, and application examples, download the datasheet.