Cooled Mid-wave Infrared Camera: Tigris-640

Source: Xenics
Cooled Mid-wave Infrared Camera: Tigris-640

The Tigris-640 from Xenics is a cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels and a pixel pitch of 15 µm that is ideally used for bio-medical, industrial process monitoring, non-destructive testing, MWIR R&D, and thermography applications. Interfacing is done with the GigE Vision or CameraLink output, but analog out, HD-SDI, and triggering are also available.

The Tigris-640 delivers 14-bit MWIR images at a maximum full frame rate of 117 Hz. It is available with an MCT or InSb detector, as well as a broadband option that permits for the increase of sensitivity of the camera into the SWIR wavelengths. The InSb model has a digital detector with selectable 13, 14 or 15-bit ADC, a high gain or high dynamic range mode, and a maximum frame rate up to 250 Hz. A window-of-interest (WOI) mode is available for even higher frame rates in all versions.

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