Continuity Portable Mass Spectrometer

Source: BaySpec Inc.
Bayspec - Continuity

Continuity is the most sensitive portable mass spectrometer designed to provide quality and reliable mass spectrometer analysis outside of the laboratory.

Continuity was created to provide even higher sensitivity, greater specificity with built-in MS/MS, and larger mass range coverage than its ground-breaking counterpart Portability. Like its counterpart, Continuity requires no sample preparation and is compatible with almost any ambient ionization source including ESI, APCI, TD-ESI, TD-APCI, and DBDI. It allows for a broad range of applications from clinical to drug to chemical and biological threats analysis. The user-friendly interface, rapid deployment, and real-time results make Continuity a great solution for fast, dependable, and highly sensitive field analysis for any user in any location. This portable mass spectrometer is an excellent solution for various challenging applications, including vapors/liquids/solids, CWAs/TICs, biological/biomedical, forensic, agriculture, food safety, security, and explosives.