News | June 24, 2020

Compact TFL-Mount Lenses For High-Resolution Cameras With 4/3" Sensors From Schneider-Kreuznach

BAD KREUZNACH - The resolution of modern sensors is increasing with every generation. Pixels are getting smaller and while the sensor itself is getting bigger. It shows that the standard C-Mount is too small to provide a high image quality over the whole sensor size. While F-Mount bayonet is not stable enough and M42 does not allow compact lens designs. In contrast, the new standardized TFL-Mount with its M35x0.75 thread and 17.52 back flange distance (same as C-Mount) is ideal for large-format compact lenses.

To serve the demand of high-resolution compact lenses with an image circle up to 24 mm (4/3”), Schneider-Kreuznach offers now their well-known anti shading lenses and the 1.3” lenses equipped with TFL- Mount. For more options to adapt lenses to cameras with TFL-Mount, we provide a V38-to-TFL-Mount and a V48-to-TFL-Mount adapter. Contact Schneider-Kreuznach today and find out which lens suits best to your needs.  

About the Schneider Group:

The Schneider Group specializes in developing, producing, and manufacturing highperformance lenses and filter systems for industrial applications, cine, and photography. It also offers high-quality precision mechanics and servo hydraulics. The company’s main brand “Schneider-Kreuznach” stands for state-of-the-art technology from Germany. The group has been a world market leader in the field of high-performance lenses for many years. The Schneider Group consists of Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH founded in Bad Kreuznach in 1913, and its subsidiaries Pentacon (Dresden), Schneider Optics (New York, Los Angeles), Schneider Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and Schneider Optical Technologies (Shenzhen). The Schneider Group has around 550 employees worldwide, including 350 at its German headquarters. 

Source: The Schneider Group