Datasheet | January 30, 2020

Compact MWIR HD Thermal Camera: FLIR A8580 Datasheet


The FLIR A8580 MWIR High Definition Thermal Camera provides best-in-class imagery for industrial, military, and manufacturing R&D applications. The 1.3 MP detector produces beautiful, crisp images while the new built-in 4-position warm filter wheel allows the camera to easily measure temperatures up to 3,000°C. With the support for optional remote motor-focus lenses in addition to the standard manual focus and microscope lens options, users can maximize the number of measurement pixels on the object being tested and optimize focusing to ensure accurate temperature measurements regardless of size or distance. Simple, single cable connectivity using Gigabit Ethernet or CoaXPress provides complete camera control plus data capturing in FLIR Research Studio software, so users can analyze and understand data faster than ever before.


Capture meaningful thermal data even in the most demanding applications

  • Ensure your images are always crisp with the auto and remote focusing capabilities of the optional motor-focus lenses
  • Effortlessly measure high temperature objects using the internal 4-position filter wheel preloaded with neutral density filters*
  • Capture the data you need when you need it with advanced triggering and synchronization capabilities
  • Acquire clear images on fast moving targets with fast integration times

*Neutral density filters are optional


Get accurate thermal data on your entire device and individual subcomponents

  • Analyze and record stunning 1.3 MP (1280 × 1024) resolution thermal images
  • Detect thermal difference down to <45 mK with measurement accuracy of better than ±2%
  • Choose from a range of lenses to ensure the maximum number of measurement pixels on the test article—regardless of size or distance from the camera
  • Accurately measure temperatures on small objects with optional microscope lenses for spatial resolutions down to 12 µm/pixel


Start collecting and sharing meaningful data with limited ramp-up time and simple connections

  • Control all camera parameters and stream fully radiometric thermal data at more than 44 Hz using Gigabit Ethernet and CoaXPress
  • Employ FLIR Research Studio’s simple Connect ➔ View ➔ Record ➔ Analyze workflow to obtain and analyze thermal results quickly
  • Work in the operating system you prefer and share data globally with colleagues in their preferred language


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