Compact Laser Beam Splitter For Extremely High Attenuation: Ophir® LBS-300HP-NIR

 Ophir® LBS-300HP-NIR

The Ophir® LBS-300HP-NIR Beam Splitter is a compact device designed to deliver extremely high-power density attenuation for beams up to 15 MW/cm2 at 5 kW in high power NIR lasers. With the ability to transmit 99.9999 percent of the incident NIR beam, the beam splitter can accurately measure beam shape, focal spot, beam waist, and overall power.

The Ophir® LBS-300HP-NIR operates by reflecting a fraction of the incoming beam through the front surface of each of a pair of orthogonally oriented wedges. This reflects the beam in three directions: <0.0001% to the Ophir beam profiler camera, 99.9% to the Ophir power meter sensor, and 0.1% to the Ophir beam dump. This patent-pending technology is ideal for online beam profiling in a variety of high power military lasers, and Nd:YAG applications in industrial materials processing and R&D.

For additional features, specifications, and more, download the available datasheet.

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