Compact InGaAs Line Scan Camera For Machine Vision: 1024LDM


Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace introduces their new LDM series of compact, InGaAs SWIR line scan camera for machine vision, sorting, & solar inspection. The 1024LDM line-scan camera features high resolution, 1024-pixel imaging in the shortwave infrared (SWIR). Its square pixels are ideal for inspection of polished silicon blocks, ingots, or wafers, hot glass bottles, and for use on continuous-process lines that apply transparent coatings which can be ‘seen’ in the SWIR spectral region.

In solar applications, the new indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) line-scan imager detects cracks, occlusions, inclusions, and misalignments before further processing, eliminating the waste and expense of manufacturing defective solar wafers or cells. Other applications include high-speed imaging of free-falling molten glass, fast absorption or emission spectroscopy for combustion research, moisture, lipids, proteins, or other molecular vibration bands in the SWIR, and on-line sorting of agricultural materials, food products, recycled plastic pellets, and pharmaceutical products.

LDM Compact InGaAs Linescan Camera Features:

  • High quantum efficiency and dynamic range
  • Integrate-while-read snapshot acquisition
  • 45,956 lps for 1024 pixels over a 25 mm width
  • Wavelength response over 0.8 µm to 1.7 µm
  • 25 µm pixel pitch with the aperture height of 25 µm sharply defined by a photomask
  • 14-bit base Camera Link® compatible output and control
  • Operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C
  • Mounts easily to spectrometers due to 5.7 mm image plane depth and O-ring light seal
  • Mounts easily to optics benches or MV systems with tripod, front or side fastener hole patterns
  • Optional adapters for F-mount or C-mount, lenses (C-mount lenses may not fully illuminate the full width of the 25.6 mm wide arrays)

For more features and specifications on the LDM series, download the datasheet.

Sensors Unlimited Inc., An RTX Company