Compact CMOS USB Camera Modules

Compact CMOS USB Camera Modules
With its new compact CMOS USB camera modules, Jenoptik increases its product portfolio to include customized imaging solutions in even smaller dimensions. The new modular assembly system of compact modules combines excellent image quality with a wide range of customization options like form factor, resolution, sensor type, digital interface, optical interface and adapted optics for your customized imaging solution.

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Compact CMOS USB Camera Modules Datasheet

Jenoptik offers a new compact CMOS USB camera module with basic configurations. Any modification based on these preconfigured camera modules can be made according to your demands. All attributes of the imaging modules are customizable to meet any application, any kind of product development projects, any device production or system integration.

Customizable attributes can relate to

  • Form factor
  • Resolution (1 MP, 3 MP, 5 MP, 10 MP, 14 MP, ...)
  • Sensor type (CCD / CMOS)
  • Digital interface (USB 2.0, USB 3.0)
  • Optical interface (c-mount, s-mount, cs-mount)
  • Adapted optics & filters, etc.

With our hard- and software development expertise we can fulfil special custom requirements and develop best-in class imaging solutions. Our competencies comprise high-performance imaging, integration of polymer based optics and illumination as well as interfacing.

Make "Jenoptik Inside" work for you – offer your customers a valuable benefit while integrating Jenoptik imaging into your products. Our team of application engineers is looking forward to offer you the best solution for your requirements.


  • Compact single-board construction
  • Most widespread digital interface USB 2.0
  • High resolution of 5 megapixel
  • High frame rates
  • Cost-effective (high-volume) solutions
  • Including software development kit

Customer value

  • Miniaturization & light-weight
  • Easy plug & play
  • Sharp high-quality images
  • Fast live image & quick focussing
  • Saving of costs
  • Easy to integrate

Application fields

  • Health care & life science
  • Industrial inspection & machine vision
  • Automotive
  • Digital Imaging

Click Here To Download:
Compact CMOS USB Camera Modules Datasheet