Compact C-Mount Lenses

Source: Schneider Optics

Compact C-Mount Lenses

In addition to the visible/near IR 2/3” compact C-mount lens family from Schneider Optics, there are two 5-megapixel lenses for 3.45-micron pixel sizes. There are two 1” format lenses that cover an image circle of 16 mm. And there are a number of 1.3” format lenses that cover an image circle of 22 mm.

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Some of the 1.3” Format Lenses are Image Sided Telecentric Lenses, which are specifically designed for use with sensors with MicroLenslets. The Image Sided Telecentricity brings collimated light rays to the sensors so that each ray hits orthogonally to the MicroLens, eliminating shadowing or vignetting in the corners. The APO-Xenoplan 2.0/20mm, APO-Xenoplan 2.0/24mm, APO-Xenoplan 2.0/35mm, and the Xenoplan 2.8/50mm lenses are all part of the Image Sided Telecentric Family.

5 Megapixel Lenses:

21-1012344 APO-Xenoplan 1.4/23mm Compact

21-1057562 APO-Xenoplan 1.8/35mm Compact

2/3” Format:

21-1001955 CINEGON 1.8/4.8MM COMPACT

21-1055691 CINEGON 2.1/6MM COMPACT

21-1001919 CINEGON 1.4/8MM COMPACT

21-1001951 CINEGON 1.4/12MM COMPACT

21-1001957 XENOPLAN 1.4/17MM COMPACT

21-1001917 XENOPLAN 1.4/23MM COMPACT

21-1001960 XENOPLAN 1.9/35MM COMPACT

21-1014593 TELE-XENAR 2.2/70MM COMPACT

1” Format:

21-1001978 Cinegon 1.9/10mm Compact

21-1001482 Cinegon 1.8/16mm Compact

1.3” Format:

21-1056472       APO-Xenoplan 2.0/20mm

21-1006215 APO-Xenoplan 2.0/24mm

21-1001972 Xenoplan 2.0/28mm Compact

21-1006219 APO-Xenoplan 2.0/35mm

21-1001976 Xenoplan 2.8/50mm Compact

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