Application Note

Combining Fiber Lasers And Streak Cameras For Ultrastable Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

Source: TOPTICA Photonics AG

In order to get crucial insight into ultrafast processes in semiconductors, fluorescent biomolecules, and organic compounds, experts will use time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. This application note demonstrates an experiment with this technique through combining an ultra-stable TOPTICA femtosecond fiber laser and a Hamamatsu streak camera to accurately derive the fluorescence decay constants of the dye IR 820 in different solvents. The system is easily adapted to a broad spectral range by using frequency converted fiber lasers in the FemtoFiber pro series. Download the full article for more on how to combine femtosecond/picosecond fiber lasers and a streak camera in photoluminescence spectroscopy.