News | June 25, 2004

Coherent Introduces High-Power 405 nm Compass Laser


Santa Clara, CA -- Coherent, Inc.has expanded its CompassTM family of OEM solid-state lasers by introducing the Compass 405-50, which delivers over 50 milliwatts of CW (continuous-wave) output at a wavelength of 405 nm. Previous models were limited to power levels of 25 milliwatts. However, this higher power is delivered in the same compact (111 mm x 50 mm 34 mm) package used for existing 405 lasers.

A number of other features make the Compass 405-50 laser attractive to OEMs in terms of both ergonomics and ease of integration. Based on a high-power gallium nitride diode, this new laser offers direct modulation rates up to 150 MHz, eliminating the need for an external modulator in high-frequency pulsing applications. The 405-50 emits a circular well-collimated beam that eliminates the cost and complexity of downstream beam-correction optics. And since Compass lasers are manufactured using cleanroom assembly techniques, including Coherent's Permalign™ technology, these lasers deliver the long-term pointing and power stability that are critical for most OEM applications. This stability is further enhanced by a light-control loop, which provides automated feedback and active control of output power.

The three main application areas for the Compass 405-50 are bioinstrumentation, graphic arts, and data storage. In bioinstrumentation, the short wavelength is useful for both flow cytometry and confocal microscopy, allowing the excitation of short wavelength fluorophores. The laser is also expected to find applications in pharmacogenomic instrumentation. In graphic arts, the main application is direct-to-plate printing, which will benefit from the high power and direct modulation capability. In the area of data storage, the 405 nm wavelength provides a compact alternative to bulky, power-hungry ion lasers for mastering next-generation CDs and DVDs.

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Source: Coherent, Inc.