News | October 8, 2009

CMOSIS Launches Off-The-Shelf CMOS Image Sensor For Machine Vision


Belgian startup CMOSIS is to introduce its first off-the-shelf hi-res CMOS image sensor product at Vision 2009 (3 - 5 November 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany). The new CMOSIS CMV2000 image sensor is specifically designed for demanding machine vision applications. The 2.2 Megapixel (2048 x 1088) sensor features a pixel size of 5.5µm x 5.5µm and is equipped with a novel low-noise global shutter. At Vision 2009, CMOSIS will exhibit in Hall 4, Booth D 78

The new CMOS image sensor CMV2000 announced recently by the European startup firm CMOSIS NV headquartered in Antwerpen, Belgium, is designed to run at a frame rate of more than 300 fps at full resolution. CMV2000 will provide 16 LVDS output channels, which can be multiplexed to 8, 4 and 2 channels at a reduced frame rate. The advanced architecture of the CMOSIS sensor allows for row windowing and row sub-sampling, which enables the high frame rate

A unique feature of the CMV2000 is its novel pixel structure, which combines pipelined global shutter operation with correlated double sampling (CDS). This technique, pioneered by CMOSIS, yields an unprecedented low noise level below 18 e-.

The CMV2000 integrates a high-performance 10bit column ADC on-chip. The ADC features a slow 12bit mode and multiple HDR modes. All this extraordinary functionality is housed in a very compact 95pin ceramic PGA package.

"Some of our most prominent beta customers, among them renowned camera makers," says Lou Hermans, a CMOSIS founder and VP of Sales and Marketing, "have provided us with the very encouraging feedback that our CMV2000 sensor is exactly what the machine vision market needs right now – in terms of performance, features, size, and price."

Samples of the CMV2000 are currently released to certain CMOSIS customers. Full production will ramp up in early 2010. A 4 Megapixel version of the new sensor, named CMV4000, will be available to camera manufacturers beginning May 2010.

The CMOSIS technology portfolio contains crucial IP related to various advanced aspects of image sensors – among them high pixel counts at a high fill factor, high-speed functionality, large bit-depth of column ADCs, high dynamic range, TDI (time-delay and integration) implementation in CMOS and novel rad-hard pixel concepts

"CMOSIS's first 19 months of operation have confirmed that there are vast, still untapped, business opportunities for CMOS image sensors, especially in areas that were considered CCD strongholds," says CMOSIS CEO Luc De Mey. "We are well positioned for a significant share of future industrial and professional CMOS image sensor markets."

CMOSIS is a pure-play supplier of standard off-the-shelf and application-specific CMOS image sensors for the industrial and professional market covering applications such as machine vision, scientific, medical, automatic data capture and space. CMOSIS was conceived as a fabless CMOS image sensor vendor providing in-house design, characterization and qualification facilities for research, development and volume production. CMOSIS currently employs 14 people and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium.