CCD Camera: 1110S

Source: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

CCD Camera: 1110S

SI’s new 1110S camera is a pixel power-house!  It is designed to accommodate the very large area muti-port single-chip CCD sensors coming onto the market today. These 100+ megapixel CCDs require a camera capable of running  the large number of output ports in a cryo cooled dewar that meets and exceeds the requirements of the most demanding scientific applications. It provides device-limited performance in a very compact configuration.

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This camera utilizes cryo-cooling to cool its CCD sensor below -100oC. Additional features include multiple speed reads, low read noise, multi-port readout, binned imaging, an internal flexible shutter driver, dual trigger inputs, and more. Two different integrated sensors are available with variations in CCD pixel dimension and size, typical read noise, and more. Download the datasheet for additional information.