Live From Photonics West 2012: Cameras For Laser, OCT, GigE Vision Markets Make Debut

Source: Xenics
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Luc DeBrouckere, PhD, CEO of Xenics USA, tells us about the innovative new cameras on display at the company’s Photonics West booth. Among them were: an InGaAs camera for the laser market with exposure times as small as 80 nanoseconds, two cameras for the OCT market, and several small cameras for the GigE Vision arena.

Video Transcript

Luc DeBrouckere: Hi ladies and gentlemen. It’s always a pleasure to be in San Francisco especially at BiOS and Photonics West show. It’s also a great satisfaction to be able to represent a company that constantly comes out with new and innovative products. Some of the products that we are introducing here in San Francisco are, first of all, an InGaAs camera specifically aimed for the laser market as it has exposure times as small as 80 nanoseconds, which probably makes it one of the shortest exposure time cameras in the world.

We also brought to the market two cameras for the OCT market, which can also be used in machine vision and there, we have a line-scan camera available with up to 2,000 pixels but also a 2D camera with 640 x 512 megapixels and 1300 frames per second, which really means you have a choice in doing your applications with linear arrays or 2D arrays. Then we also make a great push into the GigE Vision arena with several cameras that are equipped with our new interface and by further shrinking the size of our camera.

Being a Belgian designer and manufacturer, we can export all over the world and it means that we have our own office in Singapore with more than 5 people and we have our office in the Boston area, in Brazil and of course, our headquarters in Belgium. So we really are a global company now.

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