C-Mount Lens For 1.1" Sensor: Xenon-Opal 2.8/12


The Xenon-Opal 2.8/12 lens is a robust C-mount lens designed for 1.1” sensors down to 3 μm pixel size for a variety of industrial applications such as in factory automation systems, inspection systems, and 3D measurements. The robust mechanics provide a highly stable image in harsh environments, such as being mounted on the arm of a robot system.

Features for the Xenon-Opal lens include vibration insensitivity for stable imaging performance, an optimal 0.3 to 1.5 m working distance, and a maximum chief ray angle of 6° that enables the lens to be used with 12-megapixel cameras using sensors with microlenses. Equipped with 400 - 1000 nm broadband AR-coating makes this lens even more flexible regarding used illumination.

For additional information on the Xenon-Opal 2.8/12 lens, download the datasheet.

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