News | July 9, 2013

Brimrose Launches Enhanced Military Capability With HERO


Brimrose Technology Corporation (BTC) now has the potential capability to gather significant amounts of intelligence from the air for use in tactical operations, surveillance, sensing and a host of other military applications.

With the launch of the Heli Engagement Reconnaissance Observatory (HERO), Brimrose is introducing a series of portable, reconfigurable, multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) able to provide up to 13 pounds (5.9 kg) of customer-specified payload.

“A central mission of Brimrose Technology Corporation has been and continues to be to help the soldier in the field better do his job by providing sound information about his surroundings,” said BTCPresident and CEO Dr. Ronald Rosemeier. “By introducing controlled flight, HERO provides us with an entirely new dimension to help him carry out his mission.”

The unit can potentially deploy hyper-spectral imaging using a mounted acousto-optic tunable filter to scan its surroundings using different wavelengths—and thus identify specific characteristics of enemy movements.

For example, tuning to one wavelength allows HERO to spot glass very well, glass that might be in a rifle’s scope. Setting it at another wavelength, could help the unit better identify clothing an individual is wearing, thereby determining what sort of uniform the person is wearing.

The unit can scour surrounding terrain from the air, identifying important geographical features such as caves, trenches, ground disturbance or other important data related to troop movements.

HERO can also perch as a stationary object from different heights to provide valuable field surveillance, according to Dr. Rosemeier.

HERO is capable of providing firepower from the air if need be.

The unit is also potentially able to identify multiple types of gas emanating from chemical weapons. It has the potential to fly into a smoke plume and characterize the fumes, sending the data to a command center for full evaluation prior to direct human involvement.

HERO also provides real-time, 360 degree Day/Night view capability, offers auto return-to-home base, point-to-point GPS navigation and up to 30 minutes of direct, uninterrupted flight time.

About Brimrose Technology Corp.
Brimrose Technology Corp. is a photonics and high-technology company that has been in business for more than 30 years.

Source: Brimrose Technology Corporation