News | January 21, 2022

BrightView Technologies Introduces T-Series Top Hat MLA Products for Lidar, 3D Sensing, and Display Applications   

Research Triangle Park, NC – BrightView Technologies, a leading global supplier of Visual Intelligence™ solutions, has announced the launch of its new T-Series Top Hat Micro Lens Array (MLA) products to create optical profiles for LiDAR, 3D sensing, and display applications. The latest offering extends the company’s growing line of beam shaping MLAs which enable the advancement of sophisticated optics in cutting-edge technologies.  

“Today’s 3D sensing systems, including LiDAR, Object Recognition, and Augmented Reality, all rely on strong light sources that must be applied in highly controlled ways to be effective,” said Jennifer Aspell, CEO at BrightView Technologies. “From creating accurate 3D maps and head up displays (HUDs) to illuminating a specified field of view (FOV), BrightView’s MLA portfolio allows applications to efficiently shape and manage light to unlock new levels of performance.”  

BrightView’s new T-Series of Top Hat MLA products range from small to large angles with rectangular and circular profiles. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL), edge emitting laser (EEL), and LED applications, including high-efficiency, compatibility with high peak laser power and optical uniformity. The T-Series Top Hat MLA products are available in a variety of substrate thickness and material options including polycarbonate, PET, and glass.   

“Our optics experts have many years of engineering experience and can work closely with customers to tailor light distributions and FOV for their custom applications,” added Aspell. “Whatever the market needs are, we’re committed to developing solutions to propel MLA technology forward.”  

BrightView will be showcasing its T-Series Top Hat products and other MLA solutions during SPIE Photonics West 2022 taking place January 25-27 in San Francisco. Event attendees are invited to stop by booth #1960 to see how BrightView’s Visual Intelligence solutions are being leveraged across industries such as LiDAR, 3D sensing, consumer electronics, automotive, and others.   

About BrightView Technologies  

BrightView Technologies designs and manufactures a range of advanced film-based components that provide specialized functionality for the global engineered optics market. Located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park region, BrightView’s Visual Intelligence™ solutions combine polymer expertise with its patented microstructure lens array (MLA) technology to produce high performance solutions for a variety of applications such as LiDAR, consumer electronics, 3D Sensing, automotive, lighting, machine vision, horticulture, and other optical management markets. For additional information, visit BrightView online at; on Twitter @Bright_ViewTech or on LinkedIn at