News | January 25, 2012

Boulder Imaging, Inc. Announces Powerful New Features In Its In-Line Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine: Vision Inspector Benchmark

Boulder Imaging, Inc., a leading imaging solutions company for machine vision applications, is releasing a new version of its Benchmark in- or off-line optical coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Benchmark provides precise micron-level part measurement and conformance to specification for virtually any part or material in real-time. Benchmark is now seeing repeatable accuracy inspecting to less than a thousandth of an inch and inspection speed far beyond current CMM and laser-based measurement systems. It can be used for quality control, first article inspection, spot inspection to ensure continued adherence to specification throughout production runs, total quality management (TQM) compliance, ISO compliance, statistical process control, reverse engineering, and measurement of 100% of parts.

And now Benchmark includes a new robust reporting feature. Detailed reports can be generated and exported to a variety of formats (including PDF, Word, Excel, and others) for customers, ISO or TQM compliance, or for internal quality control and compliance records. A new statistics feature in Benchmark instantly creates graphical trending plots of metrology data. This allows Benchmark customers to analyze historical data for parts audit, financial impact, and overall performance measurement.

Benchmark provides flexibility for part changes and a large variety of different measuring requirements. Benchmark customers can import CAD drawings or use an "ideal" part designed to specifications, then watch as Benchmark instantly detects disproportional errors in size, form, dimensions, profile, angularity, orientation, and depth (to name a few). Benchmark evaluates any number of tolerance-critical leading and trailing edges and instantly identifies features that are out of specifications. Benchmark's speed and accuracy are key differentiators when compared to current CMM technology, typically reducing measurement time, including parts handling, to seconds.

Production measurement tasks requiring numerous gauges in multiple locations, manual inspection equipment, and a lot of time are eliminated with the new Benchmark system. Using Benchmark, customers improve quality; increase production process efficiency; and save time, labor, and materials. Benchmark captures complete part detail in the blink of an eye. Benchmark users can place any variety of parts into an inspection station, and then click a button to inspect and measure the part feature down to the nearest micron.

Boulder Imaging will be exhibiting at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show on February 14-16, in Anaheim, California; Quality Expo on March 14-15, in Houston, Texas; and WESTEC on March 27-29, in Los Angeles, California. At these shows, they will demonstrate the powerful new features and benefits of the Benchmark system.

About Boulder Imaging
Boulder Imaging, Inc. is the leading provider of real-time image acquisition, analysis, and processing solutions for high-speed, high-performance, and high-precision manufacturing, engineering, and scientific applications. For over 16 years they have developed proprietary technology to create the fastest, most reliable, most flexible, and most accurate machine vision and high-performance digital video recording systems available. Their intelligent vision systems are used by Fortune 500 companies, and military and government organizations to optimize product quality, drive down manufacturing costs, and measurably improve efficiency. Boulder Imaging's reputation for excellence in quality, innovation, and customer care has made it the fastest growing company in the imaging industry.

SOURCE: Boulder Imaging, Inc.