News | October 2, 2012

Cost-Efficient Basler Racer 2k And 4k Line Scan Cameras Ready For Series Production

2k racer line scan cameras

Digital camera specialist Basler is starting series production of their 2k racer line scan cameras. Their 4k models will follow soon. The cameras have a small footprint – just 56 mm wide and 62 mm high, have advanced sensor technology that produces excellent images, and are very attractively priced.

Basler racer cameras are available with either a Gigabit Ethernet or a Camera Link interface. They use the latest line scan sensors based on highly sensitive CMOS technology and reach line rates of up to 48 kHz via Gigabit Ethernet and up to 80 kHz with the Camera Link interface. Image quality is excellent: the cameras are very sensitive, with low noise characteristics and a quantum efficiency of around 60%. The CMOS sensors use very little power. An innovative heat-dissipation concept allows the cameras to stay much cooler than comparable line scan cameras, and gives a better image as well.

Cost-effective Thanks to PoCL
The Camera Link models feature Power over Camera Link (PoCL), with data and power carried by the same cable. This reduces costs for accessories and system complexity, and creates a simpler, more reliable system. In addition, Mini Camera Link accessories are less expensive than regular Camera Link equipment, which allows costs to drop even further, especially in larger systems.

Coming Soon: Models With 6, 8, and 12k Resolutions
Basler will roll out more models with 6, 8, and 12k resolutions at the VISION Stuttgart Show in November. With this expanded offering of racer cameras, Basler covers the whole spectrum of standard line scan cameras. Users from many different markets and applications will easily find cameras for their needs.

About Basler
Basler is a leading global manufacturer of digital cameras for industrial and video surveillance applications, medical devices, and traffic systems. Product designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy integration, compact size, excellent image quality, and a very strong price/performance ratio. Founded in 1988, Basler has 25 years of experience in vision technologies and has designed and manufactured high quality digital cameras for 15 years. The company employs around 300 people at its headquarters in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as at international subsidiaries and offices in the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. 

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SOURCE: Basler