News | March 18, 2009

Basler Launches Four New Fast Scout VGA Camera Models


Basler Vision Technologies is starting series production of four scout camera models that are based on Sony's new ICX618 sensor.

The cameras feature a compact 29 mm x 44 mm x 73.7 mm housing and are equipped with a C or CS-mount lens adapter. They are available in monochrome and color and with a Gigabit Ethernet or IEEE 1394b interface.

The EMVA 1288 data for the new scout scA640-120gm camera shows the same total Quantum Efficiency (QE) and the same absolute sensitivity threshold as Sony's bestselling ICX285 sensor. In addition to their superb sensitivity, the new scout models are fast. They offer an acquisition rate of 120 frames per second at full VGA resolution.

The excellent sensitivity and frame rate of these new models make them suitable for a wide variety of applications where speed counts, ranging from factory automation to semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. The scout with the ICX618 sensor also targets outdoor applications such as security or intelligent traffic systems where lighting conditions are often critical.

"With the addition of the scA640-120 cameras, Basler strengthens its range of lower resolution scout cameras with new models that are attractive in terms of performance and price," explains Werner Borchert, Product Manager at Basler Components. "The starting price for both the GigE Vision and IEEE 1394b versions is 499 Euro."

These models can be easily operated via Basler's pylon driver package. The pylon drivers provide reliable image data transport from the cameras into PC memory at the lowest possible CPU Load. And with the upcoming pylon 2.1 release, the driver can directly address a virtually unlimited amount of PC memory on 64 bit Microsoft Windows based systems.

The free pylon software package provides the drivers and the camera C++ API, a viewer tool as well as comprehensive documentation and code samples to make it easy to start using and integrating the cameras.

Basler Components designs and manufactures digital cameras for industrial, medical, and traffic system applications, and also for the video surveillance market. Products include color and monochrome line scan, area scan, and intelligent cameras as well as innovative and flexible IP cameras. Basler has more than 20 years of experience in image processing. We have designed and manufactured high quality digital cameras for over 10 years. Product designs are driven by industry requirements and offer easy interfacing, compact size, and a strong price/performance ratio.

SOURCE: Basler Vision Technologies