Aviation Lighting

Aviation Lighting

The perfect lighting sets the atmosphere of any aircraft cabin. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging aims to use natural lighting with different intensities and color shades to create a perfect lighting mix with an unmatched overall impression and atmosphere.

Cabin Illumination

SCHOTT is the only cabin lighting specialist that is able to offer a complete approach that orchestrates different light elements into one cabin lighting scenario. Inspirations are gathered from the lighting cues in nature to provide a special atmosphere and experience. SCHOTT products deliver unique possibilities due to the combination of fiber optic and LED technology.

Seat Illumination

SCHOTT has over 20 years of experience bringing seat illumination solutions exactly to the spot where they should be, offering nearly unlimited possibilities for situational lighting features that connect design and functional aspects. Their seating illumination concepts allow airlines to customize their lighting in any seat, and in any class, without putting risk on the overall project.

Products used in cabin/seating illumination include:

  • SCHOTT HelioJet® SpectrumCC: made for functional and ambient cabin lighting with the ability to eliminate color shifts from aging LEDs by transforming light in the optical light converter into homogeneous light pattern
  • SCHOTT HelioJet® White: functional LED cabin lighting that supplies excellent white light and delivers homogeneous light distribution and constant light stability over time
  • HelioLine: Glass fiber designed for decorative cabin interior lighting with benefits for straight or curved line-light applications
  • HelioFlex: fiber optic functional lighting solution designed for reading, mood lighting, stowage lighting in panels, or in various monuments and seats

Download the brochure above, or visit the webpage for more information on SCHOTT aviation lighting products such as reading lights and other accessories, as well as multiple examples and benefits of using these products to create the perfect atmosphere on an aircraft.

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