Avalanche Photodiodes for Analytical Applications

Source: Excelitas Technologies

Avalanche Photodiodes – Si APD Arrays
Excelitas' C30927 series of quadrant Si Avalanche Photodiode and the C30985E multi element APD array utilize the double-diffused "reach-through" structure. This structure provides ultra high sensitivity at 400-1000 nm. These Avalanche Photodiodes and Si APD Arrays are ideal for a wide range of applications including spectroscopy, particle detection, spot tracking and alignment systems, adaptive optics and LIDAR.

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Datasheet: Avalanche Photodiodes for Analytical Applications

The C30927 quadrant structure has a common avalanche junction, with separation of the quadrants achieved by segmentation of the light entry p surface opposite the junction. With this design, there is no dead space between the elements and therefore no loss of response at boresight.

The C30927EH-01, -02 and -03 are optimized for use at wavelengths of 1060, 900, and 800 nm respectively. Each device type will provide high responsivity and excellent performance when operated within about 50nm of the specified wavelength.

The C30985E is a 25 element monolithic linear APD array having a high inter-electrode resistance with a 75 µm dead space between the elements. Packages have a common ground and bias with a separate lead for each element output.

The C30954EH, C30955EH, and C30956EH are general purpose silicon avalanche photodiodes made using a double-diffused "reach-through" structure. The design of these photodiodes are such that their long wave response (i.e. >900 nm) has been enhanced without introducing any undesirable properties.

These APDs have quantum efficiency of up to 40 % at 1060 nm. At the same time, the diodes retain the low noise, low capacitance, and fast rise and fall times characteristics.

To help simplify many design needs, these APDs are also available in Excelitas' high performance hybrid preamplifier module type C30659 series, as well as the preamplifier and TE cooler incorporated module type LLAM series.


  • Spectroscopy
  • Particle detection
  • Spot tracking and alignment systems
  • Adaptive optics

Features and Benefits

  • High quantum efficiency
  • Hermetically sealed packages
  • Monolithic chip with minimal dead space between elements
  • Specific tailored wavelength response
  • RoHS compliant

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Datasheet: Avalanche Photodiodes for Analytical Applications

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